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Opeth News Update

23-05-2017 09:00

Opeth are pleased to announce a date in Helsinki at Finlandia-talo on 16th October! Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Weds 24th May) @ 10am local time via www.tiketti.fi & www.lippu.fi

Heavy Music Awards | Recognising the best heavy music in the world

22-05-2017 15:07

We're pleased that heavymusicawards.com has nominated 'Sorceress' for Best Artwork which came once more from the hands of Trav Smith. Producer, mixer and friend Tom Dalgety has received a nomination for 'Best Producer'. Go vote if you like!

Opeth News Update

18-05-2017 12:35

First Allan Holdsworth and now Chris Cornell. Two outstanding talents with little relation musically. We just came home off a USA tour where we actually played with Soundgarden. We’re on the same festival as them just a few days ago. I was never the biggest Soundgarden fan even if I really liked a few songs. However ”Euphoria morning” is a disc I practically wore out. Lovely album and highly influential. I went to the show for the tour which he cancelled last minute. I also liked Audioslave a lot. He will be sorely missed. I remember I went to see him play on the ”Carry on” tour. He was spot on. I loved the James Bond song he did but unfortunately he didn’t play a single song off ”Euphoria morning”. Now we’ll never hear him perform again. I guess I’m in shock. And many of with me I suppose. Chris Cornell R.I.P. And Allan Holdsworth was a genius guitar player whom I first encountered though the band UK. After some backtracking I found a record he’s on by a band called Igginbottom’s wrench which I love. And I have to mention Tempest from 1973. Their first album is absolutely fantastic. Particularly Fredrik and I were huge fans of his playing. I never even tried to approach that style as Allan were just lightyears ahead of me (and everyone else) even 50 years ago. But I certainly enjoyed his music a lot. Allan, you’ll be sorely missed. Mikael on behalf of Opeth

Opeth News Update

16-05-2017 11:38

Did we record last week's show at the amazing Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre? Yes. Yes we did. #Moderbolaget

Opeth News Update

14-05-2017 05:25

Thank you Indianapolis and Thank you to everyone who came tonight to see us on this run. A special Thank you to Gojira and the Gojira crew, you guys are great ! and Thank you to Devin Townsend band & crew, you guys are also great, good luck with the rest of your tours, guys.